How SiSU Health Helps General Practitioners

General Practitioners

As a GP, you know how important it is to provide high-quality care to your patients. That's why we believe the SiSU Health self-service health station could be a valuable addition to your practice.

GP Benefits

Just a few of the ways SiSU Health can help your practice.

Empower patients

Give them the opportunity to be more involved in their own healthcare and increase their adherence to recommended treatment plans.

Save time

Let SiSU Health handle routine tasks such as measuring blood pressure and weight, freeing up your time to focus on more complex or urgent issues.

Enhanced data collection

The station can collect a wide range of health data, which can be useful for tracking patient progress and identifying trends.

Multiple ways for your patient to easily share their health data with you

Increase patient engagement and make more informed decisions.

The SiSU Health exportable health report

Spark Engaging Patient Conversations.

The SiSU Practitioner Portal provides health professionals with an opportunity to consult with SiSU Members through an easy-to-use dashboard. Creating an opportunity for further engagement, education, coaching, and action.


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