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Drive employee engagement and deliver real health and productivity improvements

A healthy workforce is a productive one

Engaging employee health and well-being solutions that deliver measurable health and productivity improvements.  


High engagement, inclusion, and participation across all demographics.

Tangible results

Tangible health and productivity improvements

Enhanced data collection

Detailed data and insights on the health of your workforce


Some Of Our Clients

Invest in the health and well-being of your employees, community, or customers with our comprehensive health service.

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Invest in the health and well-being of your employees, community, or customers with our comprehensive health service.

SiSU Health App

The integrated fitness and health tracking App.

Health Checks (SiSU Health Station)

Self-service health checks in less than 5 minutes.

SiSU Health Portal

Track and improve your health results online.

Mobile health checks (SiSU Health Mini)

Bringing mobile health checks directly to you.

Over 300,000 Employee Health Checks Completed

With industry benchmarks from over 450,000 global employee health checks.

Rotate health stations according to a health and wellbeing calendar to increase engagement and action.

3,000,000 Health Checks completed with SiSU Health

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Premium Data Health Reporting

Our Client Health Report includes anonymous demographics, Health Station activity, organisational health profile, Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis, Global Industry Benchmarking, Productivity Cost analysis, Member satisfaction, and any additional custom insights added to your SiSU Health Station so you can make informed decisions with verifiable data.

Simple Pricing

Start with a cost-effective health benchmark then scale with the SiSU Change plan. With SiSU Health, you can focus on good health outcomes instead of fees.

A Comprehensive Health Audit

Starting from as little as


  • Unlimited health checks using the SiSU Health station (Medical Device):-
    • Blood Pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Body Composition
    • Height
    • Weight
  • Predesigned communications
  • Comprehensive data report
  • Plus many more health metrics and services available.

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