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Our comprehensive health reporting and analytics provide actionable, data-driven insights about the health and well-being of your workforce or community, without identifying individuals and compromising their trust and participation.

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Gain unparalleled data insights.

SiSU Health’s health analytics are comprehensive and best-in-class. From detailed demographic profiles to extensive health risk insights across the population. We also provide insights into health literacy, health change over time, productivity analysis, peer industry benchmarking, user satisfaction and participation. Custom survey questions, research and reporting are also available upon request.

Activity & Health Summary

The Activity & Health summaries provide clear overviews of health station checks over time with breakdowns by sex, age group as well as risk rates, GP call-to-actions for high BP, High BMI or both and count of employees who have had their BP measured in the last twelve months.

Activity & Health Summary

 Health Outcome Analysis

Health Outcome Analysis

Health Outcome Analysis measures the net change in health risks over time, providing a more precise, objective view of the impact of employee health support initiatives.

The difference between a participant’s first and last recent measurement is calculated and then aggregated to show the net change at organisation level.

Health risk prevalence metrics currently included in Health Outcome Analysis are

  • Blood Pressure (BP)
  • Body Mass Index (BMI)
  • Body Fat (BF) percentage risk prevalence and rating-
  • Smoking prevalence
  • Weight change (kg)

Detailed Health Risk Profiles

Our employee health analytics provide detailed, de-identified distribution breakdowns of the health risks and metrics that matter including blood pressure, BMI, body fat, smoking, cardiovascular risk (QRISK) alcohol consumption, physical inactivity, and perceived stress (PSS-4). These health metrics are presented by sex and location, provided that response sizes exceed a defined threshold as a countermeasure against deductive identification.

Detailed Health Risk Profiles
Global Industry & Population Health Benchmarking

Global Industry & Population Health Benchmarking

Our Global Industry Health Benchmarking uses the world’s largest, real-time pool of de-identified, machine-measured employee health data to benchmark your organisation against both industry peers and the general population.

With a machine-measured pool of more than 550,000 health checks generated from nearly 700 organisations across 25 Industry Groups in four countries, our benchmarking provides an objective view of the relative health of your organisation versus competitors and national population health survey data.

Productivity Cost Analysis

Using peer-reviewed, risk-specific research models, our Productivity Cost Analysis measures the annualised cost of specific health risks on employee productivity and an economic baseline to justify ongoing investment in employee health support.

Productivity Cost Analysis
User Satisfaction (NPS)

User Satisfaction (NPS)

Our analytics suite provides objective measurement and comparison of user satisfaction using the Net Promoter Score (NPS) system, a globally recognised method for measuring customer satisfaction and loyalty. Our NPS analysis provides breakdowns by sex, age group, versus Industry Group peers and the full distribution of promoter, detractor, and neutral scores.


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