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How we’re supporting Colchester's homeless community

How we’re supporting Colchester's homeless community. Michelle Wilkinson, Advanced Nurse Practitioner at Beacon House Ministries, shares the profound transformation that health stations have bought to the homeless population of Colchester. Beacon House have been able to offer a sense of health ownership and empowerment to a community that has traditionally lacked access to health services. Michelle also shares Dale's story - a formerly homeless man who describes the health station as an "AI doctor", praising ease of use and how it's supporting his health journey.

2023-10-25SiSU Health UK

Navigating Menopause: Empowering Women's Health

🌸 World Menopausal Awareness Day 🌸 serves as a powerful reminder of the transformative journey women go through during menopause. At SiSU, we're proud to have played a part in supporting women on their journey to better health. Our health stations have played an important role in communities and the workplace with over 170,000 women completing health checks on the stations! Over 17% of these health checks were completed by women of menopausal age.

2023-10-10Team SiSU

Health City Design

Through the delivery of over 800,000 self-service health checks, using a medical device health check machine, in places where people live their lives, SiSU Health has been able to demonstrate the power and potential of medical-grade, consumer digital health platforms to improve health access, equity and outcomes for those most impacted by health inequalities.

2023-10-10SiSU Health Team

Employee Health: an industry perspective

SiSU Health has analysed over 200,00 self-service health checks, conducted by employees across 23 industries in the UK, to deliver insights into which industries are the unhealthiest and impacted most by health inequalities.

2023-08-16SiSU Health Uk Team

Transforming pharmacy services in the UK with digital innovations

With the introduction of funded initiatives such as the Hypertension Case Finding Service, pharmacies are taking on more proactive roles in promoting public health. To fully realize the potential of these services, digital innovations have emerged as crucial tools that streamline processes, enhance accessibility, and improve patient outcomes, at scale.

2023-08-08SiSU UK Team

Empowering Occupational Health professionals through digital technology

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the integration of technology has proven a powerful force for change. The realm of occupational health services is no exception as digital health checks emerge as transformative tools to drive cost-effective scaling, promoting employee wellbeing and addressing health inequalities.

2023-08-08SiSU Health Uk Team

Empowering employees to manage their blood pressure

High blood pressure is a major risk factor for heart disease, heart attacks and strokes. Through regular health checks you can monitor your blood pressure and identify any potential issues early on. Taking charge of your blood pressure is essential for overall well-being and reducing workforce productivity impacts! Here are some natural strategies to keep it in check.

2023-01-08SiSU Health Uk Team

The immense potential of community located self-service health kiosks

In an era of advancing technology and increasing emphasis on self-service and preventive healthcare, it is crucial to explore innovative solutions that promote population health. One such solution with immense potential is the implementation of public access, self-service health kiosks. These interactive kiosks have the power to empower individuals, enhance healthcare accessibility, and improve overall wellbeing.

2023-07-22SiSU UK Team

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