Helping people live a Healthy Life.

Empowering preventative health through accessible digital solutions and population health data.

Self-service 5-minute digital health checks on the SiSU Health Station and digital resources to support health improvement.

Health checks in places where people live their lives, with personalised, local signposting.

Health check kiosk for a self-service, 4 minute heath check


Find our why our employee health and wellbeing solutions are loved by companies such as Aldi and AA.

Employees will love engaging with their health data and a healthy workforce is a productive one.

Understand the health risks within your organisation.

Better direct your wellbeing budget.

NHS & Councils

Discover how SiSU Health partner with the NHS, Councils and Local Authorities.

Insurers & Providers

If you're seeking to provide health and wellbeing solutions to improve Member health and productivity, speak to us.



Want to find out more about what awesome benefits you get with the SiSU Health service?


Drive more footfall and purchases in store and have more informed health conversations with your customers.

Over 4 million Health Checks for hundreds of organisations

Invest in the health and well-being of your employees, community, or customers with our measurable, scalable, cost-effective health service.

Vhi works with SiSU Health
Aldi works with SiSU Health
Mondelez works with SiSU Health
Providing population screening for Sothwark Council
Providing employee solutions for SAP


Engage people in their health

Provide unlimited self-service health checks to engage your people and understand the health risks that need to be addressed.


Use data to steer decisions and measure success

SiSU Health gives you the data you need to identify areas for intervention and to direct investment.


Deliver real health improvements with engaging tools

Self-empower people to make positive change with engaging tools and challenges that motivate. Signpost those with higher risks to relevant health services and information.

Engage people in their health

Become remarkable in the eyes of your system.

Engage people in their health, educate them on their health risks, empower them to improve and signpost when intervention is required.

We'll improve engagement, motivation and most importantly, health!


SiSU Health App - Impactful health tools with an excellent user experience

The SiSU Health Mobile app is rated 4.8/5 on the App store ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and built with data security and easy-of-use in mind.

Leading health and wellbeing data

Data-driven Decision Making.

The Client Health Report includes anonymous demographics, Health Station activity, organisational health profile, Longitudinal Efficacy Analysis, Global Industry Benchmarking, Productivity Cost analysis, Member satisfaction, and any additional custom insights added to your SiSU Health Station so you can make informed decisions with verifiable data.

Simple Pricing.

Start with a cost-effective health benchmark then scale with the SiSU Change plan. With SiSU Health, you can focus on good health outcomes instead of fees.

A Comprehensive Health Audit

Starting from as little as


  • Health station (Medical Grade Device - Class IIa)
    • Blood Pressure
    • Heart rate
    • Body Composition
    • Height
    • Weight
  • Predesigned communications
  • Comprehensive data report

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Health Insights

Learn more about how we approach preventative health and make measurable impacts

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