Delivering the Leicester Diabetes Score to communities


SiSU Health and the Leicester Life Science Accelerator (LLSA) partner to provide access to the Leicester Diabetes Risk Score

The Leicester Diabetes Risk Score is recommended by NICE and used by Diabetes UK for the identification of those at risk of diabetes. The score identifies people who may be at high risk of diabetes or currently have undiagnosed Type 2 diabetes using data on age, sex, BMI, ethnicity, family history of diabetes and anti-hypertensive use. Further information on the Leicester Diabetes Risk Score ca be found at

James Finney, Head of the LLSA said "SiSU Health has been working with the Leicester Life Science Accelerator (LLSA) to facilitate access to the Leicester Diabetes Risk Score, which has been developed by Prof. Laura Gray, Leicester Diabetes Centre, and are looking to incorporate the algorithm into the SiSU Health solution in 2023 to support the early detection of people at risk of developing diabetes."

Samantha Fay, CEO of SiSU Health said "This is a partnership with strong alignments and exciting potential. The partnership will bring together the University of Leicester's world leading diabetes risk tool and research and SiSu Health's digital platform, enabling opportunistic screening fro diabetes risk, in the community, and workplaces, with a particular focus on reaching those impacted by health inequalities."

"The SiSU Health Station has delivered more than 4 million self-service, machine-measured health checks globally. The addition of risk tools such as the Leicester Diabetes Risk Score to the SiSU health check machine measurement of blood pressure, BMI and body fat delivers the most accurate and scalable way to non-invasively screen cardiometabolic risk across diverse populations. Digital platforms such as SiSu Health can provide high accessibility, reduce coverage gaps and scale where other approaches such as the NHS health check simply cannot.

Services provided to people where they live their lives achieve high engagement and enable more effective self-care and integrated support, but can also revolutionalise the way that service providers like the NHS can use data to allocate and target support for whole populations including the most deprived."


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